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About Us

The SPORTSAXE team that manages, we provide free scientific predictions and tips about different sport matches. This matches updated as a daily.

SPORTSAXE is a completely free website and it offers a wide range of scientific sports predictions. All of these predictions are studied with passion and scientific accuracy but they are only indications and they are not certainties. These predictions should be used as a general indication, but the final decision is due to the user.

SPORTSAXE does not ensure any certain win declining any responsibility for eventual losses or something else derived from the indications on SPORTSAXE. SPORTSAXE is not a Bookmaker and it does not offer a betting service. For betting the users must use a Bookmaker qualified for this kind of job.

Although the staff of SPORTSAXE tries to provide a good service they do not give any assurance about the accuracy and the updating about the information, declining any errors. And invites the users to inform themselves about the correctness and the updating of the information on the website.