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Cricket Predictions and Betting Tips

Cricket Predictions and Betting Tips

Betting on a game of cricket is very challenging. There are so many markets to bet on that it can often become puzzling for even the most ardent punters. How do you go about betting in cricket and multiplying your stakes? How do you wade through tons of data and stats? First choose a reliable online bookmaker who covers matches happening across the world and offers you access to different betting markets. Secondly and most importantly you need to read through the betting predictions and tips published across different platforms that help you make strong bets based on facts and reasoning. These tips improve your odds in the market offering you deep insights into the form, playing conditions and other factors that play a role across several markets.

The Most Popular Cricket Betting Tips

There are several events that take place during the course of a game of cricket. Bookmakers tend to assign odds to markets that you can bet on. Here we take a look at the most popular betting predictions in a game of cricket –

  • Toss – This is perhaps the simplest markets to bet on. Every game starts with the toss and you can put your money on the side that is likely to win it.
  • Game Outcome – Here you would predict the outcome of the game. In most formats you bet on a side to win while in Test cricket there is also a possibility of a draw.
  • Series/Tournament outcome – Cricket is mostly played in series or tournaments where there are number of games and you bet on the outcome of the series.
  • Best Batsman – In this betting market you can wager on the highest run scorer in each innings of the game.
  • Best Bowler – Like the best batsmen in this market you will put money on the best bowler of the innings.  
  • Partnerships – Whether it is the highest opening partnership of partnership for other wickets this betting market is very popular.
  • Player of the Match – It is an important part of any game and you can put money on a player who is likely to win this prestigious award.  

Boundaries – Boundaries not only excite the crowds but is a great market to bet on. You will be able to put your stakes on teams hitting the maximum number of sixes.

Who Are Tipsters?

If you are new to the world of sports betting you would have often come across the term tipsters. They are people who predict on the possible outcome of the game. While bookmakers set the odds for different markets and possible outcomes it is the tipsters who offer you qualified betting tips and improve your odds of winning. Typically tipsters or Cricket Analysts as they are known in the world of cricket betting are more knowledgeable about the game and predict the outcome of the games and also give insights into player performances and other individual betting markets. They would preview every game where they discuss the form of the teams and the individual players, the head-to-head record the teams have against each other and the likely outcome of the game. They also take into account the performance of the team in concerned playing conditions and share names of individual players who are likely to perform well in the upcoming game. This knowledge helps you put your money in the right place and increase your chances of calling it right.

Factor to Consider While Betting

There are several factors that you need to consider when you are betting on a game or during in-play betting.  These include –


Cricket is a game of statistics. They tell you about the form a team or an individual player is in along with their overall win-loss records and career charts. If a batsman has scored the maximum runs in the season he is likely to be in great form and one person you should have an eye on while putting your money. Similarly if a bowler has been dominating over the last two calendar years he is the right person to bet on. Statistics also tell you win-loss records between different sides, their records in certain playing conditions or at particular venues. With this knowledge you would be able bet on the right players and teams.

Weather Factor

Whether has important bearing on the outcome of a game and for any punter it is important to understand the impact of weather and playing conditions on a game. Since cricket is played across continents with diverse weather conditions you need to keep an eye on the weather while betting. Here is how weather affects the game and conventional wisdom while betting taking weather factor into mind –

  • Rains – Cricket is no longer played in uncovered pitches like in the past but rain can still dictate performance of players in a game. When pitch is exposed to moisture it tends to slow down making batting difficult. Even spinners have tough time gripping the ball which gets wet while being hit through the park. Fast bowlers tend to gain maximum advantage out of wet pitches so you should bet on them.
  • Overcast Conditions – They have always helped the fast bowlers especially those who swing the ball. Most teams prefer bowling under overcast conditions. With more humidity there is more friction in the air that increase the swing compared to normal conditions. So bowling sides tend to benefit and you can bet on them and more so on fast bowlers.  
  • Bright Sunshine – Batting becomes easy with clear overhead conditions as the swing factor is cut down if there is no wind. But spinners also tend to enjoy bowling on dry tracks as they wear down faster generating more spin and unpredictable bounce. You should put your money batsmen with good record against spinners and teams that have quality spinners.

Dew –   This tends to effect day-night games after sundown. The ball gets wet and it becomes difficult for the side bowling second. If there are prediction for dew the side batting second has the advantage. In case you are betting on the fielding side put your money on their fast bowlers.

The Role of Analytics

Modern cricket broadcast has been highly analytical where data is being increasingly used to make the broadcast more appealing for the viewers. As a punter analytics improves your odds of making the most intelligent bets in the various betting markets. How does it differ from statics? It adds information to raw data. For instance analytics can tell you how a bowler bowls in the death overs and you can put your money on this bowler during in-play betting in the death overs. Similarly analytics tells you if a particular batsman is confortable playing in certain conditions against certain kinds of bowlers. When you have such in-depth knowledge about the game you are more surefooted while betting.

Other Factors To Consider

Cricket betting isn’t purely gambling by its true meaning. It is an art and requires you to dig deep into analytics and statistics as we have already mentioned. But several other factors can affect the outcome of a game as well as players’ individual performances. Here are few factors you must consider apart from statistics, analytics and weather.

  • Home vs Away Games – If there is little that separates the two sides competing in the game you should back the home side which is familiar with the conditions and has the crowd behind it.  Best teams tend to struggle in alien conditions especially in Test Cricket.
  • Form – Form of the side as well as individual players can have big bearing on their performances. If the best player in the world is out of form betting on them to perform comes at its own risk. Similarly a team that has momentum behind it can do the impossible.
  • Key Players – Not all in the Playing XI have the same skills and talent and if a team is missing out an important player due to injury or other reasons it can affect the performance of the side. In certain playing conditions the role of certain players becomes extremely important for a team’s performance and you must factor in injuries and team compositions while betting. 
  • Venue History – Certain venues tend to assist certain players. Big hitters of the ball love smaller grounds while spinners and fast bowlers tend to gain better purchase from different kinds of wickets. You must keep the venue history in mind while betting on teams and individual players.  

Toss – In case of adverse weather or an underprepared pitch toss can dictate the outcome of the game.  While toss alone doesn’t make much of a difference but when combined with other factors mentioned above it can change the outcome of a game.

To sum up if you wish to maximize your investments while betting on cricket you should choose a reputable bookmaker and read through cricket betting tips and predictions from the top tipsters. This along with your own analysis would let you make the most qualified bets and earn handsomely while betting.

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