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Online Betting in Cricket

online betting on cricket

If you are an avid sports punter but have never bet on a game of cricket before, you are in for a welcome surprise. In case you are new to the world of sports betting, you need not worry as we shall take you through the basics of cricket betting. Before we delve into deep into the topic of how to bet on cricket it is worth mentioning that cricket betting is gaining immense popularity around the world.  With the game being akin to religion in India one of the fastest growing economies the number of people betting in cricket is growing exponentially every year. With twelve Full Member Nations and hundreds of Associate Members, ICC (International Cricket Council) has been able to spread its wings the world over and naturally the popularity of people wagering in this game is increasing. 

If we were to define cricket betting in one word it would definitely be ‘intriguing’. There are few other sports in the world that are as challenging and exciting to bet on compared to the ‘Gentleman’s Game’. Even people from countries where cricket is yet to grow in popularity have been attracted towards cricket betting in the recent years thanks to the popularity of online cricket betting platforms. There are dozens of things that one can bet on when it comes to a game of cricket. These include –

  • Outright win or draw
  • Team winning the toss
  • Team batting first
  • Top run getter in the innings
  • No. of extras in the game
  • Top wicket-taker in the innings         
  • Most runs for the opening stand         
  • Most fours in the innings
  • Most sixes in the innings   
  • Man of the Match  
  • 1st Innings Lead      
  • Team to score 1st Fifty
  • Team to score 1st Century
cricket betting markets melbet

Does that sound a lot? Well it is just the tip of the iceberg as in-play betting as taken it to another level. With in-play betting you would be able to wager on every single ball bowled in a game. Just to give you an example – the shortest format of the game T20 technically has 240 balls. If we are to talk about the longest format of the game Test Cricket technically they can be approximately 2700 balls or 2700 chances of in-play betting.

Why Cricket Betting Is Becoming Popular?

Though betting isn’t new in cricket it never enjoyed the kind of popularity in the betting market as Football or Horse Racing did. But it is fast changing as India with its billion plus cricket-mad population has become one of the fastest growing markets for cricket betting. Though there is a law which makes sports gambling illegal but the same law doesn’t prevent Indians from betting on off-shore online betting platforms. With these platforms allowing unrestricted betting money is waiting to be made for the best punters.   

Online betting has brought betting to the homes of the punters. With user-friendly websites and state-of-the-art apps you can bet from anywhere in the world without the need to stand in a queue outside the office of a bookmaker. There is no need to deposit or post up money with a bookmaker like one had to do in the past. You can simply log onto a website or open an app on your smartphone and get started with betting. These betting platforms allow you to transfer money from your Credit Cards, Wallets and even make Wire Transfers. They have done away with the role of middleman adding to your convenience.

Apart from this there is also the added advantage of bonuses that you can benefit from while online betting in cricket. Most betting platforms offer you sign-up bonuses and release periodic bonuses for their most active users. You can make good use of these bonuses to increase your stakes and earn more money by placing bigger bets in the right markets. These platforms are fully licensed and unlike offline bookmakers that operate illegally you will never invite trouble while betting.

Types of Cricket Matches

If you are new to the world of cricket betting you may be surprised to know that the game is played across different formats. The formats that you would be able to wager on are –

Test ODI T20 Types of Cricket Matches
  • Test Cricket – The oldest format of the game it is played over five days where there is a possibility of Draw apart from Win and Loss.
  • ODI Cricket – One Day Internationals are 50 over a side format of the game. There is no possibility of draw but there have been instances of tied games.
  • T20 Cricket – It is same as ODI cricket but is played in a 20 over format with the scope of result being the same.
  • Domestic Competitions – Domestic games are played across cricket playing nations 4-Day, 3-Day and 40 over formats apart from the 50 and 20 over games.

Bookmaker Types & Selection of Bookmakers

There are basically two types of bookmakers – online bookmakers or betting websites and traditional offline bookmakers. As a newbie you should ideally wager with online bookmakers for two reasons – first it is convenient to bet online and secondly the world of offline bookmakers is full of scam stars and there are those who don’t hold licenses for betting and can run away with your money.

As a newbie you should ideally wager with online bookmakers for two reasons – first it is convenient to bet online and secondly the world of offline bookmakers is full of scam stars and there are those who don’t hold licenses for betting and can run away with your money.

Choosing an online bookmaker isn’t an easy task though as there are dozens of betting websites out there and you must take note of few important things before you make your final choice. Here are some of the things you need to consider –

  • Reputation – The bookmaker should enjoy good reputation in the betting world. You can check out for the reviews and ratings they have received in the community.
  • Membership The bookmaker should accept members from your country. Not all bookmakers accept membership from all countries.             
  • Payments & Withdrawals – The bookmaker should have a payment platform that you are comfortable with. They should have a withdrawal policy which expedites the process of cashing your profits.     
  • Betting Markets – You must check out on the betting markets the bookmaker covers. They must have the markets you plan to bet on and also let you bet on in-play events.       
  • Bonuses – Who doesn’t enjoy bonuses? Bookmakers welcome new users with bonuses and while this shouldn’t be your primary consideration it is worth considering it.        
  • Customer Support – Last but not the least you must make sure the bookmaker has a friendly customer support team. Take note of the languages they support both in-call support and live chat support.

Understanding Odds & Probability

As someone who is exploring the idea of betting in cricket you may have come across terms such as odds or probability. While these may sound complex here we shall explain you these in a simple language.  

What Are Odds?

Cricket betting odds melbet

In simple terms it is the probability of a certain thing happening during a game. Let us take an example to understand this better. If you come across a Team with odds of 1.25 to win a game it can be represented using this mathematical formula –

Probability = 1 / decimal odds

In this case this would mean the team has 1/1.25 chances of winning the game which translates to 80% chances of winning the game. The most likely outcomes have lesser decimal odds. If a weak team is playing a stronger one their odds of winning would always be lower and hence you would always see bigger numbers. When there are fewer outcomes possible the odds tend to remain low but as the number of outcomes increases so do odds and your chances of making higher profits.                     
These odds can also be represented in fractions as well. For instance the 1.25 decimal odd that we have just seen would be ¼ in fractional odds. This can be arrived at using this formula –

(Decimal Odd – 1)/1

This is then multiplied to reach the nearest integer.

How to Calculate Profits?

bet slip cricket melbetbet slip cricket melbet

Once you have put your stakes on a likely outcome and you have won the bet it is time for you to calculate profits. You can use this simple formula to calculate your profits

Profit = (Stake x Odds) – Stake

For instance if you bet $30 with the odds we have discussed in the previous example your profits would be (30×1.25) – 30 which comes to $7.5. While this may seem a small amount you must also keep in mind that you wagered on an outcome which is most likely to happen or as we discussed earlier there are 80% chances of winning.

Betting Line

Betting line, line betting or spread betting as it is termed takes your cricket betting experience to a whole new level. Here instead of betting on fixed odds you put your stake on margin which the bookmakers would fix at the start of the game. This margin is referred to as a line and you can multiply your stakes exponentially if you are able to make the right predictions. Cricket being a sport where there are lots of margins such as how many runs a team or individual player would score, number of wickets a player would pick or number of extras that would be bowled during an innings makes it an ideal sport for line batting. Let us take a look at an example to understand line batting.

cricket betting line

In a game of cricket the bookmaker predicts Team A to score 250-300 runs while batting. If you believe the team is expected to score more than this margin and you would buy the line and if you believe the team would score less than that you need to sell it. For instance if you put $1 stake for team to score more than 300 runs your stake of $1 would be multiplied by every run the team scores more than 300. In case the team scores less than 250 runs you stand to lose your $1 multiplied by the number of runs the team falls short while reaching the 250 runs. This is just an example used to understand betting line and your win and loss would be decided by the finer rule the bookmakers set for such markets. To sum things up if you are new to cricket betting and hope to multiply your bets exponentially there are few things you have to take care of. First up you must choose a good betting platform that lets you bet with ease. You must also develop basic understanding of the game and identify the most likely outcomes. It may not be possible for you to follow team performances, players’ individual forms and other factors such as playing conditions which affect the outcome. You can read match predictions where analysts offer you in-depth knowledge of the likely outcomes and the reasoning behind them.

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